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October 10, 2021

Decent DNA - The Evolution of a Crypto Venture Studio

In 2016, Decent Labs’ future co-founders Parker McCurley and Adam Gall stumbled upon a shared passion for the burgeoning crypto industry and its potential to change the world. As development colleagues at a digital creative agency in Cleveland, they became fast friends with a mutual (and, at the time, rare)interest in cryptocurrency.


After the agency where they both worked closed its doors, Parker recognized the time was right to carve their own space in the industry. On May 31, 2017, affectionately known as “Decent Day,” he approached Adam with a stunning proposal to launch their own development studio. They were at a precarious crossroads in their lives—both faced unemployment and Adam and his wife had recently welcomed their second child. But, emboldened by their complementary skills, deep knowledge, shared values, and insatiable drive, Parker and Adam decided to leap into a six-month “do or die” trial period.

Decent Labs was officially launched with a $1,000 investment. They secured their first client and then another, both attending conferences to generate business. At a Texas Bitcoin conference, they walked away with $50,000 in contracts. While navigating the burgeoning crypto space, they managed to launch a website, secure an office space, and onboard a few employees. Adam also built his own product called “Topaz,” an open-source Layer 2 blockchain solution. 


Although Decent was growing, Parker and Adam found themselves dissatisfied with consulting and the constraints of project-by-project agency work. They imagined a more diverse, dynamic business model that shifted focus to in-house development with co-founders and would uniquely position them in the crypto world. Their vision for Decent Labs offered the leadership of an accelerator, the resources of a development agency, and the support of a venture fund to give startups the edge they need to succeed at scale.


Nurturing startups comes naturally for these two founders, whose inspired leadership and expertise continue to progress at max velocity. Since 2017, Decent Labs has launched over 30products.


Working with both established leaders and fledgling innovators, the Decent team has fine-tuned the art of building and scaling successful products at the cross-section of financial technology and digital rights. With leadership that is focused on creating products that provide solutions to the centralized power structures plaguing the financial industry, we empower young entrepreneurs to realize their potential. 

About Decent Labs

Since 2017, Decent Labs has profitably co-founded an impressive portfolio of start-ups working with both fledgling entrepreneurs and industry unicorns. We work as a team to define their ideal brand at reasonable rates, support our partners in unlocking the full potential of their launch, acquire initial customers and raise growth capital to scale. Together we have discovered ways to leverage blockchain technology to change the world for the better and successfully bring our co-founder’s ideas to a very dynamic market.

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