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November 15, 2021

Custom Digital HQ for Decent Labs Team - Real Connection in Virtual Spaces

Life on Decent Island

Making Real Connections in Virtual Spaces

Since the launch of Decent Labs in 2017, it’s team of talented employees have worked remotely in locations nationwide. As the company continues to grow, so have its efforts to simulate more natural interactions and the social aspects of in-person work, such as sharing interests, and building authentic friendships.

Zoom had been the go-to platform for interaction but it lacked customization and unique features. Decent Labs’ team needed a more dynamic way to connect, which led the CEO, Parker McCurley, to Gather, a video chat platform that enables users to create interactive virtual spaces for people to work and socialize in a more natural conversational setting.

“Walk around and talk to people, just like in real life. It’s that simple.” 
- From Gather

A Halloween-themed team meeting.

Although the Gather platform impressed, Parker McCurley had visions of a truly custom digital headquarters designed just for Decent Labs. So with the help of Alex Clauss, a freelance illustrator, designer and creative consultant based in Phoenix, the design of a digital headquarters fit for a super-cool crypto startup. The exterior space is inspired by the Art Deco style of Miami Beach, where co-founders Parker and Adam Gall are located. In the spring of 2021, the project was finished and the company moved in to it’s digital headquarters.  

An aerial view of Decent Island.

Employees can personalize their characters with hairdos, clothing, accessories, and kooky costumes. As you roam the space, you can automatically interact with anyone nearby, and there are designated areas for private chats. In the rec room, you’ll find a variety of games to enjoy with colleagues. And keep an eye out for mysterious trap doors that transport you to places off the map.

Today, Decent Island hosts the company’s all-hands meetings, happy hours, club meetings, and any teammates who need a private place to chat. The digital headquarters is still expanding with new areas and fun secrets to discover, providing a refreshing way to keep company culture thriving.

A hangout in a private lounge area.

A beach volleyball court (and private chat area).

Play poker and have a drink at the bar in the rec room.

Employees gather for a weekly all-hands meeting.

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