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October 28, 2021

Blockchain Experts Provide UX Finesse To Big Crypto Products Designed For Mass Appeal


Blockchain Experts Provide UX Finesse To Big Crypto Products Designed For Mass Appeal

Miami, F.L. – October 28, 2021
– When crypto companies found themselves in need of development work, it used to be that in-house was the only option. While development shops and agencies have always existed to support companies with projects, they lacked crypto-specific expertise and the skills to finesse user experience for a wide audience. A new cottage industry is emerging around the concept of product studios specializing in crypto and blockchain to fill that niche. One such example of a crypto product studio is Miami-based Decent Labs.

Chief Marketing Officer for BRD, Spencer Chen has recognized the benefits of strategically working with a product studio partner like Decent Labs who recently completed a transformation of BRD’s API docsite, Blockset, into a streamlined Developer Portal. The goal was to be less utilitarian and more of a playful, rich developer experience, which Decent Labs seamlessly delivered to their client.

“In years’ past BRD has been limited to building in-house. Now that crypto-specific outsource agencies have emerged, handing off project work is very straightforward. Our strategic partnership with Decent Labs is truly an extension of our organization, mostly because they are industry vets and can run with our projects,” says Chen.

Feedback from the Blockset team for Decent Labs’ creation of the Developer Portal included appreciation for the streamlined user experience from both customers and BRD’s internal team. Since its release, Decent Labs and BRD continue to collaborate on projects, including an entirely new Blockset Marketing website.


About Decent Labs

Since 2017, Decent Labs has profitably co-founded an impressive portfolio of start-ups working with both fledgling entrepreneurs and industry unicorns. We work as a team to define their ideal brand at reasonable rates, support our partners in unlocking the full potential of their launch, acquire initial customers and raise growth capital to scale. Together we have discovered ways to leverage blockchain technology to change the world for the better and successfully bring our co-founder’s ideas to a very dynamic market.

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