Translating User Experience

FrostByte offline cold storage encryption
Mobile devices with FrostByte UIMobile devices with FrostByte UI
Mobile devices with FrostByte UIMobile devices with FrostByte UI
To create a product and identify a target market for whom the FrostByte technology could be repurposed, marketed and widely used.

FrostByte's initial technology impressed. The challenge arose in translating that technology into a product that would provide a valuable user experience with mass appeal. How could we communicate "cold offsite storage" in a delightful interface?

FrostByte logo

Software Development
Product Design
Brand Design

“From the discovery and branding process to the incredible UI/UX and development, we feel Decent Labs has truly knocked it out of the park. By co-building with Decent, we were able to take our first-of-its-kind product to the next level and transform complicated technology into a straightforward user experience.”

Saul Schwartzbach

Chief Executive Officer, FrostByte



FrostByte was in need of a long-term partner with the ability to transform their advanced technology into a product that could be commercialized. While most studios would have struggled with the broad scope of deliverables, Decent Labs offered not only a high level of technical understanding, but exceptional design expertise.  

With the goals of translating stakeholder ideas, business requirements, and workflow into a tangible prototype identified, the project kicks-off with collaborative discussions and market research.

Early designs explored several different concepts depicting “cold hard storage”
FrostByte branding efforts
Early roughs drafts of the FrostByte logo explored an “FB” monogram tied into a snowflake dendrite.


The Decent design team dove into a full brand identity development process with FrostByte. Our creative brief sought to fuse the natural, fractal patterns found in crystal structures with visualizations of data nodes. The combination provided a familiar cybersecurity feel and conveyed cold, hard storage.

Comprehensive brand identity guidelines were developed to support the early-stage growth of the FrostByte brand and inspire product interface.

Pitch Deck

With a need for polished, professional and informative materials to send to investors, Decent Labs delivered a FrostByte pitch deck. ding

The visuals and tone of the pitch deck were thoughtfully constructed to be cohesive with FrostByte’s creative brief.  the brand story and sparked potential.

Information architectureInformation architectureInformation architecture
WEEKS 9-15

Product Design

A critical step in realizing the goals of this top-tier security application was creating an ideal user experience. Decent delivered the novel solution of an interface resembling the natural flow and familiar feel of password management software, enhanced with alluring design principles.

Ideal User Experience

Decent Labs team conceptualized the ideal user experience solution for a top tier security application. Captivate users with the natural flow and familiar feel of password management software combined with alluring design principles that really sell.

Prototype wired up


FrostByte app is currently in final stages of development with an eminent launch of Q4 2021.

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