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Transformation of an API Docsite

for Blockset by BRD
Screenshot of the new and improved Blockset DocsScreenshot of the new and improved Blockset Docs
Redesign Blockset, BRD’s flagship enterprise blockchain infrastructure product, into a rich, streamlined developer experience with a playful design style.

The user experience of an API is the developer portal and it must delight. The challenge presented to the Decent Labs team was to recreate the Developer experience for Blockset from the ground up, turning the technical need-to-know into both a functional guide and an intuitive, inspiring user experience.

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Software Development
Product Design


Software Development
Product Design
Content Creation
Technical Documentation

“Decent Labs’ invaluable expert design brought to life all our concepts and ideas. They added a novel wrinkle to every pixel and user experience to drive differentiation and usability beyond what was expected.”

Spencer Chen

Chief Marketing Officer at BRD



Blockset's existing docsite offered a myriad of useful tools of benefit. Our goal was to bring all functionality into a cohesive toolset with a clear learning path.

Old Blockset IAOld Blockset Docs

Decent Labs transformed an assorted collection of endpoint tools into a unified portal with a rich developer experience.

Information Architecture and an early iteration of the refreshed interface.

Early iteration of a new design

Decent implemented a "Try in Sandbox" button for each endpoint that auto-fills in the request as well as provides an "Endpoint Wizard" form.


Product Design

With Blockset, BRD sought a sleek and fresh feeling UI with the playful and color filled design style of their existing consumer app.

Balancing the implementation of best design practices, while maintaining deep functionality was identified as a design challenge. Drafting solutions required extensive knowledge of the inter-working of the Blockset API and utility toolset and asking curious questions to get to the root of the user's needs.

WEEKS 8-16


Ultimately the purpose of a docsite is to provide practical, useful instruction, but impressive UI cannot overstep functionality. At this stage, extensive testing was conducted on every tool and guide.

For the docsite's backend, we provided BRD with a simple Markdown CMS solution that allows any team member, not just the developers, to change content, add pages, and even rearrange page structures.

Launch and Beyond

Feedback from the Blockset team included appreciation for the streamlined user experience from both customers and BRD's internal team.

The speed at which updating content for BRD on the docsite is much faster. Also, content is now available to the whole team due to the markdown structure. Decent's product design idea, "Try in Sandbox" button, has been very well received with a substantial decrease in time invested and an increase in efficiency when testing out endpoints. This translates to more time for developers to spend actually building.

Since its release, the Blockset Docsite has empowered developers to successfully navigate the Blockset API. Due to the success of the Developer Portal, Decent Labs and BRD continue to collaborate, including an entirely new Blockset Marketing website.

Screenshot of the shiny new Blockset Marketing Site

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