Solve problems using emerging technology.


Get excited and
push boundaries

Our people are the driving force behind innovation at Decent Labs. Our culture gives us the freedom to try, fail, learn, and iterate our way to success. And while creativity is the spark of innovation, personal responsibility brings ideas to life.

Our team balances the two.



Health Care

We offer competitive medical, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family.



Decent Labs was founded by builders who wanted more ownership in the products they created. Every full-time employee owns upside in Decent Labs' venture portfolio and shares in the opportunity created by the work you do here.


Family Friendly

Our remote environment offers the flexibility to spend time with the people who are most important to you.


Work-from-anywhere Culture

We are a remote-first company, and we like to take advantage of our freedom to move around!

Core Values

Get excited by the work

View work as meaningful play and obsess over details and quality. Be engaged, caring, and actively participate. Hustle!

Hold yourself personally responsible

Be explicit and realistic about your agreements. Hold yourself accountable. Be consistent, resourceful, and autonomous.

Be decent

Show kindness and respect to all people. Practice gratitude in your actions. And don't take yourself too seriously.

Seek the truth

Be inquisitive and curious. Push boundaries and ask the hard questions. Cut through the bullshit. Fight for equity, fairness, and justice through transparency.

Aspire to be egoless

Humility creates a space for curiosity, introspection, openness to change, and growth.

Our very own Crypto Museum
Our very own cryptocurrency museum

Be open to teach and to learn

Many of our projects start as a blank canvas. Our teams work to solve puzzles, identify challenges, and clearly communicate paths to finding solutions. This process requires freedom from egos, a sense of humility, and a willingness to engage in both giving and receiving feedback.

When a project is completed to the best of our collaborative abilities, there are no shortcuts, but the payoff is highly rewarding.

People over Product

Work has more meaning when team members get to know each other as human beings. From day one, Decent Labs recognized social interaction for our 100% distributed team as a priority.

Not to mention we offer a suite of unique benefits to make life a little more comfortable, enjoyable, and rewarding when you're on, and off, the clock.

The Lab!
The Lab inside Decent's virtual HQ

Culture, only virtual


Happy Hour @ Decent HQ

Biweekly social time in our virtual headquarters where we can gather on the beach, play cards in our "bar-cade", lounge in the laboratory, or chill around the conference table.


Pretty Decent Pets

Need a break and a smile? Check out posts of our team's pet adventures on their dedicated Slack channel. We also have a virtual dog, Toby.


Decent Time

Dedicated time weekly for an employee to share a non-work topic that makes them happy, provides inspiration or that fascinates them. Past themes include pet slideshows, playing games, the history of Dracula, how to create your own cryptocurrency, and a live DJ session.


Developer Coffee Chats

Every Friday morning Decent Developers have an opportunity to chat about the bleeding edge of crypto, tackle hard problems as a group, and review code together.


Decent Sounds

Collaborative heads-down, deep focus playlists on Spotify. Songs are rotated every quarter and curated by our in-house tastemaker.

Open positions at Decent Labs

Decent Labs is growing quickly. If you have relevant skills and experience but don't currently see a job listing that is the right fit, please submit your resume and we will be in touch.

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