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The Magician

Many people belong to that special class of “hustlers”, the hard working bunch known to put 110% effort into everything. Busy, swamped, underwater; whatever word you’d like to use, we glorify those who dedicate themselves above and beyond to their work. Ironically, many of the busiest of us aren’t the most productive, wasting endless cycles moving in too many directions. Matt Trice (Lead UI/UX Designer) is the converse archetype — he glides effortlessly through a seemingly endless list of tasks, often under appreciated, always with the professional calm reserved to the masters of their craft.

Matt and I chat each morning after our daily standup and discuss the trials ahead. I do my best to offer my support (can’t take the cheer out of the cheerleader!) because I know just how much responsibility he has at Decent Labs, and at home being an excellent father of two. Matt has to be at the top of his game, every day. Despite his impressive portfolio, he is constantly improving his craft, educating himself on the newest trends in design and technology, and ensuring that every Decent Labs company can boast a world-class product. He creates magic every day.

Matt’s View

Matt and I had a chance to take a breather today so I could get his perspective on the industry, his role at Decent Labs and what he sees as the future of UI/UX design.

Favorite Client Project/Product:

  • Propfolio. I was able to design the full product prototype in a single process from the ground up. I loved it.

What do you like most about working at Decent Labs:

  • The culture and the people I work with. It’s the best. The projects are great, too.

Favorite type of product to design:

  • Anything unique and challenging. I wasn’t really familiar with blockchain technology until Decent Labs. I really like to be challenged and learn new things.

Where do you see UI/UX going in the future?

  • The more prevalent and mainstream artificial intelligence (AI) becomes, we will see a fundamental shift in the approach to traditional UI/UX as it enables new workflows that don’t exist yet.

Ideal skill sets in potential UI/UX team members?

  • Motion and animation skill sets
  • Motion design
  • Interface design
  • UI/UX fundamentals

Do you like being called “The Magician”?

  • Yes. Yes I do.

What’s your favorite flavor of chips?

  • BBQ!

Your most random job?

  • Working in a pet store warehouse.

How’d you meet your wife?

  • Flat Iron, in East Atlanta Village.

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