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Since 2017, Decent Labs has helped entrepreneurs leverage blockchain technology to change the world for the better.


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Welcome to the Lab.

Decent Labs combines the spirit of an accelerator, resources of a studio, and strategy of a venture fund to startups in the cryptocurrency industry.

With the help of our engineering, design, and entrepreneurial talent, founders are given the opportunity to focus on growing their business.

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Industry leaders & cutting edge entrepreneurs.

Decent Labs crafts products at the cross-section of cybersecurity, digital rights, and financial technology.

Our unique co-building model enables innovators to launch decentralized applications with the support of an invested team.


Create your product with an invested partner


Focus on your mission and key objectives


Go-to-market quickly and efficiently

Navigate nuanced landscape of crypto

Culture, only virtual

Our distributed team collaborates and socializes in our virtual headquarters. Free from commutes and cubicles, we enjoy our work and each other.

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Our Services

Understanding the needs of each founding team is unique, we offer a complete range of go-to-market services.

Brand Design
Web3 Product Design
Decentralized Application Architecture
Smart Contract Development
Cloud Infrastructure
DAO Implementation
DeFi Protocols
The Decent Labs team acts collectively as the most resourceful technical co-founder in the world.

Venture Studio

accelerator + development STUDIO + venture FIRM

Starting up is an intensely emotional experience. Developing killer products is expensive and high risk. Making wise technology investments requires deep vertical knowledge.

We offer the support of fellow entrepreneurs and possess the industry insight required to de-risk your product roadmap. Our team ensures your technology will be your competitive advantage, not your Achilles’ heel.

From Our Co-Founders
“Decent Labs’ invaluable expert design brought to life all our concepts and ideas. They added a novel wrinkle to every pixel and UX to drive differentiation and usability beyond what was even initially spec’d.”

Spencer Chen

Chief Marketing Officer at BRD

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